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American Heart Association Instructor

An American Heart Association certified HeartSaver Instructor will come to your site to conduct your class.  Your class will be fun and instructional. Cards are presented as soon as the roster is submitted to the American Heart Association and the participants name is typed along with the expiration date and date of class. This usually takes 3 business days.  All certifications are good for a period of 2 years from the date of the class.  There is no minimum class size or minimum charge.                 http:images/elf_ccve.jpg
         Our instructor, Barb Rummage Rogers RN is a  registered nurse, who has been providing instructional services for three decades.  Barb
fully believes in the need for every person to have the ability to save another's life. Emergencies happen. They strike us at work and at home.  Her goal is to provide clients with the training, to deal with these emergencies properly. She is competent in her field and customizes her classes for the audience that she is teaching (i.e. day care centers, plumbers, electricians, school teachers, general contractors, beauticians, new parents and many others). CPR4U classes are performed on-site at your location to meet your time constraints. The programs offered are flexible enough to cover the particular needs that each client would like addressed.  If your company runs more than one shift, CPR4U is available to do classes in the evenings.  To help guarantee the quality of instruction, participant to instructor ratio shall never exceed the American Heart Association standards of 10:1. She is conscientious of keeping participants at ease during "hands on" practical experiences.

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